More and more vehicle owners, manufacturers and investors are looking to replace expensive and polluting diesel gasoline fuels. Since than CNG is in increasingly high demand.  Not all end consumers who would like to utilize the advantages of natural gas are connected to a pipeline. So this is the application scenario for our CNG transport modules. Our natural gas solutions allow our customers to provide CNG fueling stations in locations without pipeline access.


We call this virtual pipeline


Virtual pipelines are substitute to physical pipelines that distribute gas via land or sea.
They replicate the continuous flow of energy via transportation logistics using trucks or ships with portable gas cylinders.


Transport module is made of CNG Cylinders Type 4 (Carbon composite) connected with piping together and placed in to the 10 FT or 20 FT container construction. It can also be with different size and capacity depends on customers demand.

Container Transport Module

These transport modules are manufactured as a container-type construction. They are based on horizontally arranged ultra-lightweight carbon-composite Cylinder Type 4, K-Store, with a water volume of 150 L each.

One 10 FT Container Module is composed of 60 Cylinders. One truck may transfer 4 (four) 10 FT Modules. They can be easily unloaded from the truck with the forklift of crane.

10 FT Container Transport Module
Technical Data Sheet – Download

5 Cylinders Bundle Transport Module

The Bundle Transport Module is a smaller module for smaller customers. Is intended for places where there is no access to enter a larger vehicle.

Our unique modular design of the Bundle Transport Module reduces handling, increases mobility and also cuts transportation costs. Consequently that results in increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

5 Cylinders Bundle Transport Module
Technical Data Sheet – Download