Use of a natural gas as a fuel in the vehicles provide cleaner emission compared to traditional petrol fuel systems. But first of all offer an operational cost benefit due to lower fuel and maintenance cost.

Mobile Energy Solution Storage systems are designed to be built-in in to the vehicle and also to last the life of the vehicle under normal condition and minimum maintenance.

Storage location depends on the type of the vehicle and fleet needs. It can be mounted on the roof of a transit bus, behind the cab or on the frame of the truck, in the trunk of the car etc. The proper location and installation will be chosen by the authorized person.
Usually CNG Storage system includes:

  • storage cylinders with the frame and/or mounting straps,
  • fuel lines (piping), and
  • the valve equipped with TPRD.

They are light-weight so the capacity of the Storage system can be made according to customer demand.

Storage System – Bus roof mounted 1200L wv
Technical Data Sheet – Download

NOTICE: Inspection of the system should be done every 55.000 km or 36 months whichever comes first.

WARNING: Read carefully Installation manual from sheet to sheet before install and use the Storage system.