To solve most of the operational cost and building expenses which comes with implementation of traditional CNG Dispenser and necessary equipment, Mobile Energy Solution offers “All in one” mobile system solution.

It is possible to fit all necessary Dispenser equipment in to the 10 FT special container and we are doing that. Standard equipment in this containers are:

  • Dispenser counter single or double hose,
  • Booster compressor,
  • Buffer cylinders 750 L,
  • Gas filters and heaters,
  • Piping and control cabinet.

All you have to do is too prepare a ground platform for future container dispenser. Than we gone to unload Dispenser container from the truck and connect it to the pipe line. You do not have it!? Do not worry, we gone use our Transport Module system and connect your dispenser to the gas. It is so easy.

It can be placed on traditional petrol station as extension or some fleet parking lot. It’s up to you and your need.

Mobile 10FT Dispenser solution single hose
Technical Data Sheet – Download

Depend on inlet gas pressure, container unit can be up to 20FT large due to bigger and multi level compressor