K-STORE 150®


CNG Cylinder Type 4, 150L wv
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The CNG Cylinders K-STORE series represents a state-of-the-art component of a CNG Transport Modules and CNG vehicle fuel system. It is designed for permanent vehicle installation or at least 20 year use in the various transport modules under the normal conditions. In the construction of a cylinder we used latest technology and materials to be lightweight and to provide resistance to fatigue and impact damage over its service life. The polymeric Liner is corrosion-free and is resistant to gas leaks and permeation. Тhe proper strength of the cylinder is provided by carbon composite layer wrapped around. Mobile Energy Solution (MES) manufactures CNG cylinders for use at 20 MPa (3000 psig) or 24,8 MPa (3,600 psig) working pressure.

This high pressure vessel is designed to meet the requirements of applicable standards;

  • ISO 11119-3:2013 – Refillable composite gas cylinders and tubes – Design, construction and testing
  • ECE R110 Annex 3 – High pressure cylinders for the on-board storage of natural gas as a fuel for automotive vehicles

Mobile Energy Solution are able to design, test and manufacture CNG or Hydrogen cylinders to meet additional or different standards when required by customer and according to required specifications.

K-STORE cylinders is easy to handle and install. Тhe proper installation and maintenance is important to ensure the safe and reliable operation of CNG Systems, Vehicles or Modules.

NOTICE : Read carefully Owner’s Manuel before installation


Manufacturing process from Plastic Liner to CNG Cylinder Type 4

Plastic Liner 150L and 50L

Filament Winding Process