Mobile Energy Solution – MES, is based on many years of experience in related fields. As a result has started this strategic project of developing systems for transportation and use of natural gas.

Today we have designed several different products. All of them are based on our Key product – CNG Cylinder Type 4, which we named K-STORE.

Connected together in larger volume they represent Transport Module for transportation of large amounts of natural gas. Now the industrial consumers and vehicle filling stations can easily switch to natural gas. They no longer need to wait for a real pipeline to be built.

To enable the vehicles to be powered on natural gas we have designed many different Storage Systems. They includes from one to numerous connected cylinders. That’s because they are suitable for many different type of vehicles ready to be built in.

MES also offers complete “all in one” solution for quick implementation of gas stations – pumps.
If you have a fleet of vehicles, the station can be set to your parking space. So, you will not need to look for a nearby CNG stations. For this purpose we have developed a Mobile Automotive Dispenser Solution.